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What's Wrong With America?

Thanks for checking out the What's Wrong With America? podcast, in which we discuss important cultural issues and current events, with the aim of understanding what's gone wrong, what's gone well, and how we can make America better for everyone.

Jul 24, 2021

Jeff Bezos is a great man! In this episode of the "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, Daniel D plays devil's advocate and argues that #Bezos is a great man and a #pioneer in the spirit of Lewis and Clark who is doing much that is good. 

What's wrong with America? Not Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, or Amazon!


Jul 11, 2021

The bankers are Satan! They own the politicians and mortgaged the future of our economy for their own private gain. In this episode of The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, Daniel D rants about the banks and their demonic minions at the Fed.

#banks #bankers #Fed #QE #QuantitativeEasing...