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What's Wrong With America?

Thanks for checking out the What's Wrong With America? podcast, in which we discuss important cultural issues and current events, with the aim of understanding what's gone wrong, what's gone well, and how we can make America better for everyone.

Jul 5, 2020

Welcome to the What's Wrong With America? Podcast! In this episode, host Daniel D introduces himself and the podcast. 

This podcast will consist of three types of episode: (1) episodes on evergreen subjects, such as race relations, the monetary system, etc., for which the episode title will be the subject in question; (2) episodes featuring conversations with various guests, for which the title will be "A Conversation with..."; and (3) weekly topical episodes about whatever is in the news that week -- and with this being an election year with some really crazy candidates, there will certainly be a lot to talk about! 

In addition to this show, Daniel D also produces and hosts The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast.

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