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What's Wrong With America?

Thanks for checking out the What's Wrong With America? podcast, in which we discuss important cultural issues and current events, with the aim of understanding what's gone wrong, what's gone well, and how we can make America better for everyone.

Feb 13, 2022

This week on the "What's Wrong With America?" podcast, Daniel D talks about his recovery from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a terrible condition that affected millions of people exposed to harmful idea pathogens from the DNC, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, and their operatives in the mainstream corporate media (aka, "Fake News").

This episode is brought to you by Daniel D's hilarious satire of the super woke, Super #SJW Man: A Cancel-Culture Superhero (Satire), which is on sale on Amazon till Saturday, February 19th, at (Amazon affiliate link kicks a few cents back my way).

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