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What's Wrong With America?

Thanks for checking out the What's Wrong With America? podcast, in which we discuss important cultural issues and current events, with the aim of understanding what's gone wrong, what's gone well, and how we can make America better for everyone.

May 23, 2022

A monkeypox on your house! We have a new plandemic, this time involving a monkeypox virus. Now, there had never been an outbreak of monkeypox outside of Africa since the disease was discovered in 1958.

By the most incredible coincidence, the global outbreaks of monkeypox happened the same week as predicted by a simulated exercise conducted in 2021 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all the other usual suspects from the last pandemic. Sounds a lot like COVID, as they accurately predicted a pandemic involving a novel coronavirus back in 2019. How are they so good at predicting these things? Almost like they have a hand in causing these outbreaks to occur!

Also coincidentally enough, the new plandemic emerged right as the USA and other nations are making a new international treaty which will give the WHO authority over each nation's response to any new pandemics. 

And even more coincidentally enough, just as a global outbreak of a new monkeypox plague is happening, it turns out that the Wuhan Virology Lab, the same lab that appears to have created COVID-19, has also been conducting gain-of-function reasearch on monkeypox viruses!

Wow! So many coincidences! Hopefully nobody will try to connect any of these unrelated dots, because that would be a consipiracy theory, and we know, from the mainstream media, that conspiracy theories can be dismissed out of hand.

For more information on the monkeypox plague (a.k.a, the Plandemic 2.0), check out and

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